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As with most fabulous things in Shayne's life, becoming a jewelry designer was completely by ‘accident’! She did not wake up one day and exclaim with uncontrolled enthusiasm..."I want to design exquisite jewelry!" The evolution was a gradual process...beginning with what else...shopping...or as some of us like to delude ourselves...collecting! 

Realizing she had to do something with all of this wonderful stuff led her to Shayne & Coco! Shayne's love of pearls and all things classic is the driving design influence within her collections. She truly believes every aspect of your life should be as timeless and individual as you are...no two of us are alike and Shayne certainly emulates that idea through her pieces. Shayne & Coco jewelry is a reflection of this philosophy...always classic, timeless and individual. 

Vintage pearls and chains are the classic components for every unique piece of Shayne & Coco jewelry. Designs begin by sourcing goods from around the world…Japanese pearls, Swarovski crystals, English silver fobs and turn of the century French rhinestone buckles. The world is full of small treasures and Shayne's love for uncovering these beauties is part of what makes her collections so wonderful and full of history.


Shayne believes that style is just as important as a unique personality; it is an extension of who you are and carries across all platforms in one's life. Jewelry is a universal outlet and carries stories with it as it passes down through generations.  If you have heirloom jewelry that you would love to breathe new life into, contact Shayne! She will work with you to redesign pieces you already have into a unique, fully-customized legacy piece.

Boutique Accessories

Whether it be a necklace, earrings, bracelet or bauble you are sure to find a piece that speaks to you. Explore the pages of Shayne & Coco and find a piece full of character that is bound to be yours! 

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